Thursday, November 21, 2013

Valentine's Day - 22nd November

1950s Valentine Card

There was a scene in a recent episode of
Downton Abbey where Valentine cards, sent and received, were the subject of much heartache between the valets and the kitchen maids. I know the feeling.

Awaiting notes from my editor is like that - never knowing if you will receive the card (email) of approval, of love. It is a Valentine's days of joy when she likes the book.
 "I really like this book" --sends me into an adolescent fervour of gratitude and relief and sheer joy that the past six to seven months of concentration, frustration, misery and elation have all come together to produce a book that has my editor's approval.
 I've say this often, and it does not lose it's aptness, but if one was not bi-polar before becoming an author, then it is certainly a condition you becomes familiar with.

Of course there is much more to do to make this manuscript sing.
Naturally there are parts that need amplifying, parts need cutting, and the beginning and end are rushed and need slowing down or further explained; but overall, the story works.
Now I can sleep. Then wake up and work steadily through the manuscript, a chapter at a time and with a deadline to meet.
Then it is off to the copy editor for another go. Then a final printers proof. Then, then, the next one, book 6 in the series.
Can't wait.

Aa' the best.


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