Monday, October 1, 2012

Dream Angus 2

And Angus took the photograph on my new header

Dream Angus

In June of 2011, having driven from the east coast of the Highlands through Strath Oykel and around to Ullapool I attempted to photograph the scenery then gave up.

I decided that landscape so grand, so majestic it makes your heart pound at the glory of it all, is impossible to convey in mere photographs. Let it be a dreamscape, a dwamscape, dwams being daydreams in the Scots language.
Then I saw the work of Angus Bruce.

In a cafe in Ullapool, where the tea and the home baking are excellent, the walls were lined with photographs big and small of the landscape and seascapes I had just driven through, had stopped to breath in, had reconnected with - the landscapes of my childhood.

Summers holidays, up through one strath or another, across to Ullapool, to Lochinver, onwards to Kylesku and the ferry, stopping at Cape Wrath on family camping trips.
School climbing trips, scrambling up the scree slopes of Stac Pollaidh, marching through peat bogs and high heather so tough, so gnarled it was hard going even when a fit young teenager, (not that we had teenagers in those days) And the fires the sandy shores of a lochan, brewing billy tea, eating egg  sandwiches and sticky buttered gingerbread, I could taste the taste looking at Angus's photographs
He captures it all, the land of my dreams.

Angus can be found at:

And this is for you Angus:  Annie Lennox - Dream Angus.

And here is the poem

Dream Angus
Dreams to sell, fine dreams to sell,
Angus is here with dreams to sell.
Hush now wee bairnie and sleep without fear,
For Angus will bring you a dream, my dear.
Can you no hush your weepin'?
All the wee lambs are sleepin'.
Birdies are nestlin', nestlin' taegether,
Dream Angus is hurtlin' through the heather.
Sweet the lavrock sings at morn,
Heraldin' in a bright new dawn.
Wee lambs, they coorie doon taegether
Alang with their ewies in the heather.
Meaning of unusual words:

Aa the best

Annie Lennox - Dream Angus